Mommy Post: Parenting..summed up in one video

Is it just me, or does this video describe parenting perfectly?? LAUGH ,LAUGH, WHEEEEEE

A few things I have learned over the last 26 months…
It always seems worse than it is ( well, except that time when L was 14 mnths and he put his bottom teeth through his lip..that was actually bad)
Lead with love and all will be ok. ( spinning was FUN..until it wasn’t 🙁
Parenting is hard, not hard like math, but hard like…hiking to the top of a really big mountain, but then you get to the top and see the beautiful view, and it was so worth waking up at 4am, just to see the sunrise.
Give yourself a break once in a while, its all worth it.
How do I know? because I get a hug and a kiss with a little voice that says, mommy I love you so much….and my heart literally and that’s after a day of tantrums and biting and laying down in the grocery store because he cant have a train cake at the bakery.
Enjoy your Monday..and please…share some lessons with me!!! it doesn’t even have to be about parenting, just good life lessons..anybody??
ps..Grant felt HORRIBLE, and Liam was absolutely fine after, and YES, that is actually how messy my house is..always.
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2 thoughts on “Mommy Post: Parenting..summed up in one video

  1. Krishann

    Awww poor baby! Fun until it wasn’t for sure 🙁 and great advice by the way. I say always make time for hugs and kisses from your little ones because before you know it they will big and may even think they are to cool for to give their mamas hugs and kisses especially in public. Of course for me it will be different :-/ and my daughter, no matter how old, will always want to shower me with her x’s and o’s (fingers crossed)!


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