Oils for Support


****The Oils for Support sessions will be AVAILABLE OCTOBER 16, 2017!!  If you need oils, order them now (below) so they arrive in time. Join us in the Oils for Support Facebook group to be the first to know when the sessions go live!****

Welcome to Oils for Support!

Together, Jodi Hert of Healthy Heart Hypnosis, and Kim Salter of Design Thoughts Studio, have joined forces to bring you hypnosis and EFT, with Essential Oils for Support.

Jodi and Kim, who happen to be best friends from kindergarten, believe in the power of energy healing and holistic health. Through experience, they have seen the beautiful support that essential oils give to both hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique. They can’t wait for you to experience this support also!

This program is completely free. It is for anyone, and any brand of essential oils. If you love your oils, then they would love for you to try these (6) sessions.

When you click below on the “Free Sessions” button, you will receive access to (3) FREE Essential Oils Hypnosis sessions and (3) FREE Essential Oils EFT (tapping) sessions that will include:

Lavender Oil for Relaxation

Lemon Oil for Gratitude & Joy

Peppermint Oil for Motivation

If you already own the oils, then you are all set!! Just click the FREE SESSIONS button below (on 10/16/17), and you will be on your way!! If you need essential oils you can click on the button that says, “I still need oils!” and see some options.