Our life, 2017

Hello Friends!!!

So much time has passed since I last checked in on this little blog!! Our life has changed a bit! A few years back ( well..6 yrs back) , when my blog was just a blog, and I hadn’t started my own business, I wrote whatever I was inspired by. At the time, I was inspired by the Design I saw around me, affordable art, New York City, DIY projects and all things mommy. I wrote about my days at home, as a once interior designer, turned stay -at -home mom.  Then, 4 years ago, we moved to Nashville. I’m not sure how 4 years have passed already, but our then 3 yr old, is now an almost 8 year old. My dream of owning my own design business, is no longer just an idea, but it’s also no longer JUST a design studio.

Design Thoughts Studio ( and Blog) is about Connection. My brand and my being, is all about helping people connect more fully to their lives.  That is my superpower, and I feel SO blessed that I have built my business around it.

The expansion of my business and brand from just Interior Design, to now, EFT ( I am an Emotional Freedom Technique) and Intuitive guidance, has BLOWN OPEN the portal for connection.  So, I am no longer just an interior designer, I am a connection specialist, and under that umbrella of connection, so many beautiful opportunities show up.

A few other changes have happened in our family. My husband Grant is ALSO a business owner now. Being an entrepreneurial family, can at times feel stressful, but most of the time, it feels exciting!! To be able to witness both of our businesses growing, is so awesome. I am being honest here though….you must have passion for what you are doing, because owning business is not for the faint of heart! Its a lot of work, BUT if you are “working” in your passion, it really is as rewarding as you hear!!

We are at a point in our lives, where we are excited about where we are, we continue to feel more sure every year, that we are exactly where we are meant to be. OH and at 41, we are ready to try for another baby. Ill be sure to keep you all posted on how/if that becomes another chapter to our Salter Family Journey 😉 This is our life in 2017. Stay tuned.



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