eft%2ftappingOne night, Kim Led us through an EFT Tapping session. During that session, I was able to access a childhood memory of  a dog of mine, that had to be put down. I realized this has really fueled my vegetarian / vegan / animal welfare passions as an adult. It is also one of the reasons I became really controlling and have a high sense of responsibility (i think). Trying to prevent something bad from happening – and also the belief that if you do something bad – you are “killed” like my dog. So it also fueled perfectionism.”

~Chrissy K. 

“I have had the unique pleasure of experiencing EFT with Kim Salter at NCAT in the past year. I have pursued many therapy modalities throughout my life and can honestly say that EFT is most effective and immediate in its results. I believe this is so because of its primary construct around self love. 
Kim is an extremely compassionate and intuitive practitioner. She listens, guides and directs. These attributes are highly useful as this is not typical talk therapy. Kim even communicated with me in the days following a session with continued assignments and feedback.  
I have been able to take the technique and put it into practice on my own as new situations have arisen where I have felt trapped or habituated and found significant  freedom.  I am very grateful to have this new tool. “
-Patrick M.




“Where do I begin? I’ve always had a “knowing” that there is so much more to ourselves than just this physical body. However, I had never had a full on experience with the unknown or with a loved one who had passed until I met Kim. Looking back there was most certainly a greater plan for me to connect with Kim. I love watching her periscope #mediummoments but never thought I would actually get a reading myself!

Kim connected me with my cousin, Emily, whom had passed over 15 years ago at the young age of 19. Even though she passed many years ago I think of her often and have many memories of her. So, when Kim began my reading I couldn’t get over how much of her personality came through. I’ve watched the recording several times now and have shared it with some of my family members. It’s simply amazing!

The way that Kim seamlessly communicates and interacts between this physical life and the spirit world is like nothing I’ve ever seen. She is undoubtedly the “real deal” and I am forever grateful for her connecting me with my sweet Emily.

Kim has such a beautiful gift and she radiates with loving energy that is palpable to all who connect with her whether in person or over the phone. She is shining her light and doing such wonderful work that is so needed in this world.

Thank you, Kim! “

Kasey J. Smith
Holistic Health Coach


My first session with Kim was phenomenal. It was a very emotional session as Kim was incredibly accurate about very personal issues and connected to loved ones who had recently passed. Kim has a way of holding space for you that makes you feel very safe. I highly recommend her for an intuitive reading.

-Yvonne C.


I’m not even sure where to begin…  I first “met” Kim on Facebook last summer during a Facebook event she and a couple other amazing gals did for removing the clutter in your lives. They were raw and willing to share parts of their lives that nobody likes to talk about, the messy parts!

From there, I did an EFT group she offered for grief, which was life changing. And then, following her on Periscope allowed me a little mini reading of cards. She was spot on with some things that were and have been going on in my life. There was no coincidence, this was stuff I didn’t post on Facebook but was struggling with internally. It gave me some clarity.

Now, let’s move to the biggest and best gift she gave me…  A little chat with my grandma that passed in August 2010. Kim spoke of a tire swing that was centered around all childhood memories, she waved her hands when she was saying what my grandma was saying, as if she was my grandma. This medium moment left me filled with tears of joy and hope.

I can’t say enough just how amazing Kim is and how at ease she makes you feel. I would highly recommend her for any of her services, but only if you’re looking for freedom, love, and joy!!!

Thanks, Kim for allowing me to be a little piece of your journey!!!

Megan Allen
Home Detox Coach

“Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding the third.” -Marge Piercy