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I am SO excited to introduce DESIGN THOUGHTS HOME. A product line of pieces that help you connect more fully to your home.

My husband and I are working together to create the most intentional pieces, starting with metal planters! I design them, and he does the metal work. Modern, Simple, and created with love and intention.



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Michael Graves

Yesterday afternoon, The design industry lost a great Creative/intuitive and brilliant Architect, Designer and teacher: Michael Graves.

photo credit: Adesignmafia.com

photo credit: Adesignmafia.com

Known among his clients and colleagues as A connected creative, whose approach to making design humanistic, changed the way a lot of other industry leaders, viewed the connection between Design and Living.  If you aren’t part of the design community, you may recognize the name MICHAEL GRAVES as a well known product designer for large brands such as Target, Alessi, Kimberly-Clark, Delta and more.

Photo Credit MichaelGraves.com

Photo Credit MichaelGraves.com

Reading the Philosophy behind the Michael Graves mega firm, warms my heart and just reminds me that connection is THE reason I got into Interior Design in the first place.

“By looking at every design opportunity aesthetically, empathetically and economically, MGA&D achieves transformative results for our clients. Focusing on the individual, we humanize design.”

I am so moved by his sensitive architecture, and his design with meaning ( near and dear to my heart!) one of his great projects is the Wounded Warrior project, housing. Take a moment to watch this excerpt from 2012 PBS special ” Michael Graves, Grand Tour” its only 9 minutes and well worth it.

There is no doubt that the man, Michael Graves will be deeply missed by his friends, his family, his clients and his colleagues, but what a blessing that those of us who respect and honor his work, can at anytime take a look in design history, and re-connect with the important role this man played, in shaping Architecture and transformative design to what it is today.

Rest In Peace Michael Graves, Thank you for sharing your ideas with the world!





How to Design a Modern Bath-Vanity Selection

Last year at this exact time, I was just beginning an entire master bath renovation.  The bath was to be “Modern Zen”, which to my ears means clean lines and peaceful. Before I started creating this Modern Bath, per my usual, I organized the order in which I would build this design.

STEP ONE:  Modern Bath Design ~ Select a vanity!! The vanity is the anchor in which you begin to layer. The “Vanity Anchor”  gives weight to the room, and allows you to build from it!


When selecting a vanity, whether for a Modern Bath, a traditional, transitional or rustic bathroom, begin to detail your needs. Which brings us to

Step Two: Detail your needs!! Does your vanity need two sinks or one? open storage or closed? For instance, if your vanity is for a  guest bath, open storage is fine, if for a master bath, you will have more things,so you may prefer closed. Here are options for both.



Closed Storage found in this Fresca Largo Black Double sink


Open Storage in this Fresca Potenza.

These are just 2 of MANY options available, but it takes time, and its worth it!! After detailing your size needs, its time to research color availability!  Come up with at least 5 options that you like, then narrow them down based on color availability. If you aren’t working with a designer, you will want to determine if you want a light or dark color scheme! Which brings us to:


Step 3– Color me happy! Choose a color!- Typically when designing a Modern Bath, I go extreme. Extreme Dark ( Wenge) or extreme light ( White). To begin, select at least 4 or 5 options that fit the size you need, then narrow them down based on color.



The very last thing I do to create a beautiful vanity is select the fixtures and the hardware, but that is an entirely different post in itself !! are you in the midst of a remodel? or ready to redesign your bathroom?? Let me know! I would love to help! I hope this has helped you get a start on creating the bathroom of your dreams!!!

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**This is a sponsored post by modernbath.com all opinions are my own.