A FILM challenge!

It’s that time again! Time for a challenge! As part of the “MOBster” team at Blinds.com, I was asked if I would like to participate in a great little challenge to create a fun,creative window screen!

The guidelines:  Craft to my hearts content using  the “Thomas Hicks Window Film” provided by blinds.com ( CHECK) and have FUN ( CHECK)!

Those of you have been following for a while, know that I am a lover of challenges!! They don’t always turn out for me, but they are ALWAYS FUN!!!  I played around with a few different ideas, and decided on arrows! I was pretty happy with how they turned out !!

Design Thoughts Interiors

Design Thoughts Interiors


Then I moved on to our bedroom, where I actually still need a window treatment, we are lucky to have 3 huge windows on our room, BUT, we have neighbors right beside us! So I did arrows again, but a very simple application! I might actually keep this up!

Design Thoughts Interiors

Design Thoughts Interiors

I was loving how this was going, so I decided to try and solve a problem we have…in our CAR!! See, Liam is almost 5, he doesn’t want those baby sun shades anymore, yet the sun is so intense here in Nashville! So I decided to make a more modern version! We tried it out today, and had to move it just a bit ( BTW, so easy to peel off and re-stick) !

Design Thoughts Interiors


And no, those are not bubbles in the film, it is a modern moon. ( do you believe me?)

Although I know my arrows probably knocked your socks off ( laughing) take a minute to check out the REAL window films that you can actually buy! So cool!!


Enjoy Your Week!!



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