I am SO excited to introduce DESIGN THOUGHTS HOME. A product line of pieces that help you connect more fully to your home.

My husband and I are working together to create the most intentional pieces, starting with metal planters! I design them, and he does the metal work. Modern, Simple, and created with love and intention.



Sometimes, when you get quiet and listen, everything just pours out in a way that isn’t confusing. It makes sense, and it may even have an extra special bonus ( hello working with my husband) for YEARS, literally, I have heard a little whisper telling me that its time to have a shop.  Nothing ever fit quite right though. Either timing was off, or I didn’t really connect to the product, so it was always a no.


Then, at the most unplanned time, in a season that my energy business is booming ( EFT and Intuitive guidance) and my husband’s Hot Rod shop is busy, Design Thoughts Home was created! Right now, we are offering handmade, Modern, metal planters. We started with planters because so many people dont know where to start when I ask them ” How do you want to connect more fully to your home”/ Here is an energy tip: Bring LIFE ( plants) into your home, to create more LIFE in your home!!


Design Thoughts Home is a place that feels familiar and exciting. My husband is amazing at bringing my designs to life.  Take a minute to check out our shop, and stay tuned over the next few months as our ideas come to life.

The Vernon Planter Design Thoughts Home
Design Thoughts Home- The Doris Planter




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